Plastic Parts

Plastic Injection Capabilities

  • Plastic injection moulding design and manufacturing
  • Press weight from 10 tons to 800 tons
  • Product weight from 0.05 gram to 1100 grams
  • Performing welding, decoration, embossing, glueing, and chip-cutting
  • Our surface treatment technologies include PTEE coating, PVD coating, Plasma coating and hard coating. and further more we have a network of regular business partners in the metal finishing of parts
  • We offer manual as well as fully automatic assembly, packaging and labelling of components or complete systems
  • Fixtures and tool design and manufacturing

About Factory

  • ISO9001 certificate
  • SPC controlling
  • Be of more than 110 sets of injection machines
  • Be of 3D project
  • Be of R&D engineers, can work with customer to design the new products to reduce the cost of product developing

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